Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Asian Festival of Children's Content: AFCC 2013 First Look, an Illustration Critique

Can't remember the last time I felt so anxious! Would I get a good review? Or would the professional illustrators and editors think that it was so sucky that I would not want to paint for a week?  My dinosaur illustrations was the first set to be critiqued. Lights went off, slides went up, I heard a few sounds but nothing that sounded like "ugh".

So here was my critique:
The bad: characters need more emotion and expression, perhaps using ink so that it would be more clearly defined. There should be some close-up angles to draw the reader closer in.  And I need to study dinosaur anatomy and watch my perspective.

The good: There was a flow between pictures (which was unintentional on my part) and clearly a good relationship depicted between the dinosaur and the girl. They also found the characters warm and endearing.

So overall, I was quite pleased with the feedback, although I don't totally agree with animals needing to be sorta structurally accurate. I like my dinosaur the way he is. Good learning experience at the conference overall!


  1. may I give my opinion? Yes? Thank you.
    For me your characters are perfect, well-drawn, funny, with a soft color not strident, which for a child ilusrtraciĆ³n, from my point of view is correct,
    besides: professional illustrators and art critics or professional painters, hardly give a good opinion on the work of someone who is not yet.(perhaps jealousy)
    Take their criticism as an experience. but you improve your drawing, from your observation of the good artists.
    not copying them but seeing how they solve their drawing
    Sorry but this is what i think :)

  2. Thanks very much Roberto! It's always good to hear nice things but hearing negative feedback also allows me to see how others view my work. And also one of the comments that my hot air balloon didnt look airborne was sadly true. On the whole, most of the comments were positive and I do get lots of great comments from my followers so I think I'm on the right track. I will work on my perspective and shadowing but I'm not changing Dinosaur!