Thursday, May 2, 2013

Buildings and a Big Bang!

It's no secret that I like drawing little buildings especially brownstones and townhouses. They're so beautifully quaint! I submitted this under for this week's theme of "Farewell" at Illustration Friday. Much to my delight, this painting was purchased almost as soon as I'd put it up on my facebook page.

People often ask, where do you get your ideas from? So here's a step by step process of how this one came about:
1. buy long frame at ikea
2. think of something long to draw. Aha! Dragon sleeping!
3. Something silly needs to happen. Rabbit come by and wakes dragon up.
4. A trumpet...maybe..a rock...too harsh... a balloon and a hedgehog... that will work.
5. add a little bystander and voila!

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