Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A girl and her cat

I don't have a story for this. Just some sketches to convey emotion. I've been using the pencil more and more these days. I like the softer feel. Also, it's pretty difficult to use a dip pen when there's a rather needy cat that insists on rubbing herself against my face.  The dogs do come into my room occasionally but they just potter around, click-clacking their claws on my hardwood floor. 


  1. I have a story, listen:

    "Sometimes, when I sleep, I dream that my cat talk to me,
    he knows what's in my mind
    he looks at me, smiles, and says:
    why are you sad?...
    ...each of these papers are wrinkled like a little piece of your heart
    if you lend me your pencil, I can draw a smile for you."

  2. That's beautiful, Roberto. I'm going to put it up on my facebook page if you don't mind (credits to you of course!). I love the color pencil sketch you did of your wife too but I don't know how to comment on your blog cos I can't read most of it!

  3. Thanks Melissa, I'm glad you liked my little story, when I see an image come to my mind stories to tell :)
      would be nice, that you leave comments on my blog, even if it is: I like, or not like, OK?
    good weekend for you! :)))