Saturday, June 29, 2013

Pick of the week!

This blog was setup so I could chatter a bit more and include some "behind the scenes" footage of what I do. It's no secret that I LOVE children's books and alot of my inspiration and style comes from these books. In fact, I can't remember the last time I finished reading a grown-up book. So once a week, when I remember, I shall feature an illustrator that I like. This week, it will be the works of
Janet and Allan Ahlberg. You can tell that I really like an illustrator when I buy several of their books.  

From "The Worm Book", a complete guide to your favourite pet. It's hilarious!

From 'Starting School". Love the wavy lines and watercolors.     

Some of their more popular books include The Jolly Pocket Postman Series where the reader is able to open envelopes on every page to take out tiny notes and letters.      

I just got back my out-of-print  Barbapapa and Timbuctoo books, so 'til next week!   


  1. They are very good, I like, I think I would put them in the category, "classic illustrators"
    (obviously, category created for my personal taste)

  2. Don't forget Quentin Blake and dr Seuss!

    1. N,n, obviously :)
      where I live? Ha Ha, I live in Argentina, not far from Singapore, if we compare with the distance from Earth to Sun :)
      Thanks for sopping by!!! :)

    2. I mean:
      "Stopping by"