Saturday, March 16, 2013

Asian Festival of Children's Content 2013

I didn't qualify to submit any of my artwork for this year's AFCC because I'm not a published illustrator. So I was pretty excited to see this in my email. Someone I spoke to said that mostly, only "insiders" will get their submissions picked but well, I'm in the process of growing a thick skin and will just send in some dinosaur pictures and see how it goes.

My sprained ankle had me sitting and painting for two days straight since I was advised to rest it. A little mouse carrying a cupcake appeared on my sketchpad, and it got a bit crazy from there. I'm very grateful to Wanxin and Joy for their generous donations towards Madam Wong's shelter in exchange for a little painting :)

(Oh, ankle turned purple today but it's actually alot better and I can walk almost normally!)

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